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Hours of operation 24/7
We have changed the way we do events.  SEE THE BOTTOM LEFT OF OUR HOME PAGE!!!!

First, we are NOT for everyone, it takes a certain insane and deranged personality to want your event here. WE OFFER NO PACKAGES, EVERYTHING IS CUSTOM FOR YOU...CALL US ONLY!!!

Here are the ingredients for selecting the OIBB for your FUN event:
  1. One large mug of fun Irish attitude (Irish Whiskey is optional)
  2. 100 pinches of craziness (watch where you put those pinches wink wink!!)
  3. A large bucket of non-traditional event ideas
  4. Take the bag of negotiating games and dispose immediately
  5. Add no fear of weather
  6. ADD a case of BRIDEZELLA OR EVENT PLANNER ANTI ATTITUDE syrup!  We now do very few weddings...too damn old for that S#$%!  If you want to be wed here, you better be a hell'va a lot of fun and crazier than hell...or go AWAY!
  7. Add time to get it done
  8. WARNING / WARNING WARNING! If over 60 attendees, whew, abort!
  9. Do not add any drunken or nasty clowns or brawlers unless they are good looking and have lots of money for damages or you want to pay for bringing a *!/hole here...any questions? 
  10. Add music...if you want it eardrum breaking like one of our brides did at midnight....go to the Denton Square 😣😯🤐
  11. Place in a pan that is large enough for your budget.

Call 214-505-0754

Old Irish is not the perfect Wedding Venue for most!!!!

We do weddings only for fun and crazy people...NO EXCEPTIONS. not ask! 

We have NO resident chef, fired him...his food tasted like alpaca beans...we will let you bring your own food pre made or use one of our grills.  NO CATERERS ALLOWED EVER....FOOD TRUCKs ARE OK!

And if it is good, we get some too😆.


We are a mature couple and this was not our first rodeo, so we wanted to keep cost under control but also have a special feel to our wedding. We had a holiday wedding which made it very special for our family. Jim and Rita are friends and went the extra mile to ensure every detail was tight and ready for a seamless event.

In terms of cost and expense, we could not have got a better price for the type of wedding we wanted to have for our special day, The Patrick's knew our circumstances and worked with us to provide our families the special day we envisioned. The event was stunning and the PaCa RoAd inn inside looked like a Holiday village right off the canvas of Norman Rockwell.

We look forward to having our first anniversary at the Old Irish B&B in the new Honeymoon Suite with the private Hot Tub! Our advice to others is to stop looking in every directory and just decide on the PaCa RoAd Inn or the new Isle of the Heart on the Huson Courtyard.
--Will & Renee

After searching what seemed like all over this end of the country (Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas) for a reasonably priced, availability, and befitting place to have our wedding...we were blessed to find this place "Old Irish Bed and Breakfast Alpaca Ranch" providing EVERYTHING you could want and more! Our wedding was a great success and enjoyment for everyone involved. We had our vows on a heart shaped island in a white gazebo with a white bridge to the "mainland." From there we walked into a beautifully flowered green landscaped tented area where all our guests were seated. Afterwards there were quaint indoor and outdoor places to visit and eat, a place for the cake and music piped upon the grounds Jim had already on disc from any era or type of music we desired. (We picked 80's). The cabins were sooo handy to have available for our out of town guests. They are new, smell new, clean, and have décor originality to make the hotel rooms seem just boring!

Jim and Rita asked us several times throughout our "event" what we would need or anything to be changed. We appreciated that. The pictures of our wedding reflect upon a beautiful enchanting location bringing smiles and memories to reflect upon.

Susan and I are so grateful to have found Jim and Rita's place for our wedding. We absolutely recommend The Old Irish Bed and Breakfast locating for any event or just a weekend getaway but mostly for a most wonderful location for a wedding!!!
--Bob and Susan E.

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