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Irish Pub

Our Pub
We are a very eco-friendly property. In fact, we are a Silver-Level Eco-Friendly Trip Advisor property. We take great pride in the fact that every component of the Irish pub comes from repurposed or salvaged materials. In fact, the very superstructure of wood comes from the crates that once housed oil field equipment in west Texas and was made from Canadian pine. The roof 35 years ago was part of a barn, the shutters were part of a Victorian home, the lighting and the center island and cupboards were all purchased from Habitat for Humanity ReStore. All appliances were salvage as were the grills. The stools came from our first bar 40+ years ago. All the signage has been purchased from collectors to give a vintage feel. Even the windows were purchased from a building job site as salvage. And, lastly, the actual bar was built by a gentleman who passed and was purchased at his estate sale, The kegerator was obtained via a barter and we are the 5th owner.

The tower is the newest addition and replicates an old smokehouse tower, complete with clock. It is filled with high-tech filtering equipment so as not to pollute the atmosphere. We added special lighting at the top to act to as a beacon to welcome guests to this very special Irish place.

The pub is a place for friends and all our guests are our friends. Just like the bar in Cheers, it's a place where everyone knows your name and a whole lot more.

We never obtain compensation for the beverages we share from our heart with our friends. This one's for you, my friends.

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