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Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers Choice Award

The rise of Agri and Farm tourism

A whole lot has happened to this tiny blue marble we call Earth this year.  No one was ready for COVID-19, for sure!  It just descended upon us and sat there claiming control of our lives and would not leave!

Things have changed beyond our health fears. Our overall perspectives have been altered.  Things that had to be perfectly done one way or another to be right; well, they just are no longer as important.

We have entered a time of simpler, easier, and safer.  Downhome on the farm, a place where distancing is natural and fact, it is just good common social sense.   A place where the havoc melts away to fresher and easier.   Where there are animals that like you to be with them, one of their way of living.

It's places like this that are setting the new normal and feeling romantic and intimate! 

Welcome to the new world of Agra Tourism!

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