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Alpacas For Sale

Why Purchase from us?

It's not the animals you purchase, it is who you purchase your animal from! Many will gladly sell you an animal; few will mentor you for years. Many will pump you full of alpaca promo statements; few will discuss the business, tax and personal commitments.

  • We are nationally recognized as a premier business source for understanding the alpaca business implications
  • We have an onsite CPA who knows AG Laws and doesn't just what they have heard from others.
  • We have started many alpaca partnership companies.
  • Jim Patrick has been a speaker for over 20 alpacas associations sharing alpaca business principals. He has designed multiple alpaca business models.
  • Jim has served on or chaired numerous national committees and has presented forward-thinking ideas to the National Association Board many times.
  • We co-own 10 of the most popular alpaca blogs globally
  • Jim Patrick has received highest honors awards from the National Association.
  • We have over 150 ribbons - Color Champs, Blues, Red etc.
  • 10 years of alpaca experience backed up by a combination of over 80 years of business experience.

Our customers become our friends...we will stick with you, not take your $$$ and walk away!

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