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Jim Patrick.....the masochist that was crazy enough to get in this business!

Rita and JimThank you for stopping by our website! We created the alpaca ranch in 2004 and added the Bed & Breakfast in 2012 and in July 2013 we added the entertainment and meeting venue used by wedding goers, also known as the 'other half 'of the new family....we call it their own private 'home base' where they can takeover the place and party hearty...private take over parties that rent the entire facility for 2 to 4 days and even UNTs Opera Department!  It's been a tremendous ride with over 10,000 guests, many of whom are now close friends. The journey has been very fulfilling for us and the interactions with guests has enlightened our lives and a few drove us 🐵 dang crazy.

We are crazy as hell...No snootiness here at all, just f-u-u-u-n people. Only a continuous injection of humor and laughter (sometimes off-color, but never outrageous) which removes the stress of society while allowing you to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the mind and body alike. Imagine leprechauns, unicorns and Celtic fairies in a land of enchantment, the beauty of nature mixed with Irish Charm. Our chief leprechaun, a wizard of sorts, will keep you laughing as long as you will listen. Of course, there's also plenty of private time (we understand why you have come here...hehehe) for you and your sweetie.

We designed this eclectic and green-friendly (environmentally) place with privacy and romance and intacmacy in mind. We're a silver-level eco-friend winner on TripAdvisor. Equally, we envisioned a special place for sensual singles to get away and get acquainted and create their own fantastic memories. Our essence is designed to make your time here uniquely yours, totally private while etching memories that will last a lifetime.

We enjoy people, laughter, soiled jokes and fun and have fortunately been able to run off the fuddy-duddies and bores as a result of our directness of the fist page of our website.

We have lived all over the USA, never lived in a shoe and have traveled abroad. We DO NOT have 10 children; only 3 and all are successful adults - one owns a PR consulting company in the area, one is an IT executive, one is a highly recognized independent music promoter in New York! We have 6 of the cutest grandchildren and now even a great grandson, but we aren't biased, much! Wow, this makes us really old.

Our company, Millennium Productions, was formed in 1990 and now operates The Old Irish BNB, Patricks' Pastures, Shamrock Shores Extended Living, Irish Acres Camping and RV,  James N. Patrick Group - Consulting and Professional Speaking and the new TV and radio show, Jim Patrick, Your Man in the Middle.   Millennium is fully owned by Rita and Jim and WHY WE DO THIS IS A MYSTERY! 

During this last iteration of presidential politics, Jim, a Dallas radio personality in the 1990s, once again took to the airways to discuss the strategies, trends and abnormalities happening then! Tune this fall to latest TV and radio podcast of, 'Jim Patrick - Your Man in the Middle'.  You will hear some opinions and observations - not from the far right or from the far left - but from the middle, analyzing both sides. We think you will find these podcasts thought-provoking and unbiased. These broadcast will pickup from the  success of 'Men in the Middle', which had over 300,000 listeners globally.

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irish clan lamont We are of the Scottish-Irish clan: Lamont
commonwealth of kentucky Multiple Kentucky governors have honored Rita and Jim with the Kentucky Colonel Seal
blood profit bookJim's book Blood Profit$ is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sellers of quality books.

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